Air transport

We can help you with transport from airport to hotel in Gorzów Wielkopolski.
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Below is a map with marked airports that can be used for transportation.

AIRPORT Poznań-Ławica im. Henryka Wieniawskiego (POZ)
Address: Bukowska 285, 60-189 Poznań
Airport location in Google maps:
AIRPORT Wrocław S.A. (WRO)
Address: Graniczna 190, 54-530 Wrocław
AIRPORT Berlin Brandenburg Willy Brandt (BER)
Address: Melli-Beese-Ring 1, 12529 Schönefeld, Niemcy
There is also small airport in Szczecin. They have couple connection with airport in Poland and Europe. Maybe you can find your flight here.
AIRPOTRT Szczecin-Goleniów im. NSZZ Solidarność (SZZ)
Address: Glewice 1a, 72-100 Glewice
Airport location in Google maps: